All of our mounts are precisely machined out of 6061-t6 aluminum and anodized black to look sharp with all color schemes. We offer an 8 degree slider mount for the 4 stroke motor which is our most popular mount. We offer a 0, 5 and 10 degree slider mount for the 2 stroke motor which provides easy chain adjustments, motor swaps, and isolates the flex from the motor case. We have a great Yamaha mount for 28mm and 30mm frame rails. We are also working on a brand new one piece mount that will replace our PRDD and PRMAX mounts.


Our Universal Mounting System can be configured to mount any number of items to a go-kart . Exhaust pipes, air boxes, and weight can be easily and properly attached using our hardware. We offer the racer the ability to buy just the pieces he or she needs for a specific application. We also offer kits for the most popular set-ups. Our UN20 clamp can fit a range of tubes from 16mm to 25mm. Our UNFR clamp can fit frame tubes from 28mm to 32mm. This covers most of the sizes a mechanic or racer would see on American or European made racing karts. Our Pieces are machined from 6061-t6 aluminum and anodized black to look sharp with all color schemes.


Odenthal motor mount clamps are sold separately to limit part numbers and confusion. To determine what size clamp a particular kart needs, please measure with a caliper using this procedure: First, measure frame rail diameter, then measure total distance outside to outside where the motor will go and subtract the rail diameter from this number.

(Example: 122-30=92mm center to center)



After building prototypes and racing them for two years, Odenthal Manufacturing Inc. began producing and marketing our one piece motor mounts for the Yamaha KT100. At this point we had been seriously involved in kart racing for over 16 years and could see a need for a high quality, precision fit, kart racing components. From the beginning, our customers have been relying on our products to help them win many local, regional and national championships.

All of our products are designed using state of the art CAD software and optimized for maximum performance and reliability. We never compromise when it comes to the quality and the workmanship we design into all of our products. Ask anyone who has used them, and we are sure they will agree, that Odenthal products really are the best that money can buy!



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